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IKALL XY 010 Pulse Oximeter


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Finger pulse oximeter XY-010 in blue color for the indication of oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (PR) numerically and with graphic display. It is adapted according to the capacity pulse scanning and recording technology, the pulse oximeter can be used in the measurement of oxygen saturation and pulse through the finger.

Suitable for measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood, it is an essential instrument for every family. With an integrated SpO2 sensor and imaging processing unit, the XY-010 pulse oximeter is suitable for home use, for use in hospitals, for the health care of athletes, etc. It is characterized by reliability, durability, accuracy in measurements, low consumption (duration 50 hours) has a measurement range of 35-100%.


  • Screen: color
  • LED Oxygen Saturation Measurement Range: 35-100%
  • Heart Rate Measurement Range
  • Auto power off
  • Accuracy in case of weak pulse: ± 4% SpO2
  • Resolution: 1% SpO2, 1 l.p.m. Pulse
  • Power supply: Two 1.5V alkaline batteries AAA (not included)
  • Graph: in bars and waves
  • Light: the variation between the reading in darkness and in artificial light is <1%
  • Optical sensor: Red light (660nm, 6.65mW), Infrared (880nm, 6.75mW)
  • Certifications: ISO 13485, CE