Heavy-Duty Wooden Foldable Camping Dining Tables with Bench

Estimated Delivery Date April 12, 2023
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  • Portable, folding camping & picnic Table with 4 inbuilt chair. Can be converted to a briefcase in 4-5 folds for easy transportation
  • The table plate serves as transport case. Sturdy and strong Table plate. There is an opening
  • Can also be used indoors. It is durable but also lightweight. The table plate is very easy to wipe clean
  • The aluminum folding table and benches set is also perfectly suited for BBQ parties, fetes or trade shows. The super practical set can be used to your liking and exactly where you need
  • Compact pack size. Smooth surface. Great for festivals and travelling. The set impresses with a timeless design, its great functionality and its great stability