4-in-1 Desktop Multi-Functional Sewing Machine with Accessories

Estimated Delivery Date February 16, 2023
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Adjustable Straight Stitch and Reverse Sewing – Practical Mini Machine for Mending,
Hemming and Basic Sewing. Sews in a Durable Chain Locking Stitch
Choice of foot pedal or auto-sewing mode – if it’s not convenient to use the foot pedal, you can set the sewing speed to either h for high or l for low
Small and Portable – Runs on Either AC/DCPower
1: Sewing Machine
2: Foot Pedal
3: Adapter
4: Four bobbins
5: 21 pcs thread set
FABRICS THAT CANNOT BE STITCHED: Thick fabrics like denim, velvet and other thick fabrics