Apply For Store Credit

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Terms and Conditions;

  • Only B-store Franchises currently engaged in the e-commerce business with “Daksh Innovations LLP” (Organization) are eligible to enrol to the BCBS;
  • Interested Franchise may enrol to the BSBS by filing the form with required details as needed by the Organization, inadequate details in the application/form may lead to exclusion from the BCBS;
  • The maximum amount of 30 % (percentage) of the order value (final order placed with Organization) which is hereinafter referred to as “Credit Amount”, can be availed by the Franchise who has enrolled to the BCBS “Beneficiary”;
  • The Credit Amount availed from the Organization shall be payable to the Organization within 7 (seven) calendar days, Failure to repay the Credit Amount within the timelines as decided by Organization shall attract late payment charges as defined by the Organization, and cancellation of the order for which the credit is availed by the Beneficiary;
  • In the event, if the Beneficiary wish to cancel the order placed with the Organization post availing the Credit Amount, the procedure and timelines for cancellation of the order, the Beneficiary shall refer to the cancellation policy of the Organization;
  • The Organization shall have absolute right to cancel or modify the benefits or suspend the BCBS in total or to any particular Beneficiary at its discretion;
  • The Organization shall have absolute right to deny the BCBS to any Franchise at its discretion.